"Cheebab" The New Cheese Kebab For Vegetrians


One summertime favorite is the infamous kebab. It’ll have your mouth watering the moment you walk up to a summertime BBQ! It is also one item that is heavily missed by many cross-over vegetarians. A greasy, yummy, and delicious serving of meat! (Okay, sometimes there’s a few veggies for the health conscience carnivores.)

What if you’ve gone eco-friendly, like the hybrid you now drive? Every once in a while, even health conscience vegetarians need some grease for their guts! That’s why Roland Ruegg of Naturli, a dairy farm in Zurich, invented the cheese kebab. Calling it the ‘Cheebab’, this mouth-watering, delicious delectable was created from milk produced at the Naturli farm. Ruegg describes his creation with claims that it is “The new tasty, vegetarian kebab variant from Zurioberlander milk”.

While formulating ideas for new recipes, Ruegg thought about a summertime classic; the kebab. “I had a hunch that kebab shops could offer something with cheese, and we also like to work on new recipes in production.” Ruegg stated.

After its inception, Ruegg spent a year perfecting his creative alternative. “From the initial vision to the first usable result, it took us about a year between the recipe and the production.”, Ruegg explained.

While hopeful, Ruegg wasn’t sure if it would disgust people or if it would be a hit. Not only has it been a hit, but it’s also been a home runner! While describing his creation, Ruegg mentioned, “The cheebab has been around since May 2018 and we’ve been overrun with request ever since!”

Not only has it been a success with their carnivorous clients, but their veggie loving customers have also enjoyed it as well because Ruegg and Naturli provide a lab-tested guarantee that only vegetarian-friendly cheese is used to make this savory phenomenon.

If you want to try this tasty treat, you can purchase the Cheebab daily from the So Chill shisha lounge in Zurich. They are also available on Sundays and Tuesdays from the Gossau Kebab House.

If you thought going vegetarian would be boring, this could be the thing to make you reconsider? How bad could it be if it’s dripping with cheese?!




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