Periods are a part of life for women, but most of them try to keep the natural function of their bodies under wraps when that time of the month arrives. That is not the case, though, for 26-year-old sex coach, Demetra Nyx.

Rather than going into hiding for a few days when her menstrual cycle hits, Nyx instead chooses to head to Instagram to show off her blood by smearing it on her face and using it to create messages. As you might expect, reactions to her images have been extremely mixed.

There are several reasons why Nyx decided to go this route, the foremost of which was that she was tired of seeing society treat a natural bodily function as something that is dirty and shameful. Much of that comes from ads for sanitary products, where the need for cleanliness appears to be the biggest selling point.

Demetra Nyx
@Demetra Nyx: I used to spend my time worrying about what other people thought of me. I used to keep lists as a 12-year-old: what are all the ways in which I could be more attractive? What are all the ways in which I could make that person like me? How could I make my body more acceptable?

Nyx believes that women should shun what society thinks and instead embrace their periods. That is exactly what she chose to do a few years ago after starting to experience extremely heavy periods shortly after removing her contraceptive coil. She felt weakened during those periods of heavy blood flow, which was why she decided to experiment with taking her power back.

Miss Nyx feels that she is in the perfect position to act as an advocate of sorts for women in this matter, as she believes that her work as a sex coach has allowed her to learn more about the unique stories each woman’s body has to tell.

Demetra Nyx
@Demetra Nyx: You are a jungle-child. Your body is meant to writhe in pleasure. Your body is meant to howl. Your body is meant to be covered in blood. Your freedom of expression has been Stolen from you. The witches are back. The witches are back. 🥀🌹 🌚

One of the stories that interests here the most comes during the menstrual cycle, with some women describing the experience during the cycle as being akin to the changing of the seasons. That said, no two women tend to share the exact same experience, which simply adds to the fascination that Nyx has on the subject.

As for using menstrual blood as an expression via pictures, Nyx claims that the idea was a bit of an impulse one. She saw this act as a great way of getting women to take control of their periods, although she also suggests that there are other alternatives open besides smearing menstrual blood on the body. Once a woman is comfortable with touching their blood, Nyx believes that they will find a way to share their own experience in a positive way.

Demetra Nyx
@Demetra Nyx: I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it. 🥀

It is perhaps not surprising to learn that she has had mixed reviews on here images. While some see here as a powerful woman in control of her own body, others are simply disgusted. When it comes to negative comments, Demetra takes them in stride and used them to fuel her passion for the subject.

One of the more frequent comments that she gets on her images is that if she is smearing menstrual blood, why not take it to the next step and use poop. She has also been forced to distance herself from friends and family members who simply don’t understand what she is doing.

About these comments, she reacted:

“Two things I hear frequently: “You post some weird shit” and “I’ve never shared this with anyone before.” .
I think they’re related because I often hear them together. Something along the lines of: “Thank you so much for listening. I used to judge you for the stuff you posted but I’m not going to now and I’m so glad I reached out.””

Demetra Nyx
@Demetra Nyx

Demetra takes it all in here stride, though, and believes that what she is doing is creating an impact. She also understands that not all women will be on board with smearing menstrual blood on their skin. For those women, Nyx suggests that they take other steps to connect with their bodies during their period, which could be as simple as tracking the progress of each cycle. Whatever makes women feel more powerful and in control of your body, works.



All pictures are credited to @demetra_nyx




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